Preserves, Pies & More

We make a large selection of preserves using our own home grown ingredients and traditional recipes. We hand make all of our preserves and never use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Everything is natural and delicious as it should be.


Available at Calgary Farmers market, Innisfail Growers seasonal farmers markets- check for times and locations near you. Also at our farm in our Country Store in season, off season by appointment or by mail order. Method of shipping will be determined to suit each individual order and shipping costs are not included in pricing.

List of preserves currently available and the prices:

 Retail price
Apple Chutney 250 mL   $ 6.00
Asparagus Relish 250 mL   $ 6.00
Asparagus Relish 500 mL   $11.00
Jam  – Raspberry 250 mL   $ 6.00
Jam  – Strawberry-Rhubarb 250 mL   $ 6.00
Mango Chutney 250 mL   $ 7.00
Jelly – Crabapple 250 mL   $ 6.00
Pickled Asparagus Bits Dill & Garlic 500 mL.   $ 5.00
Pickled Asparagus Bits Spicy 500 mL.   $ 5.00
Pickled Asparagus Tips Dill & Garlic 500 mL.   $ 9.00
Pickled Asparagus Tips Dill & Garlic 1 L.   $16.00
Pickled Asparagus Tips Spicy 500 mL.   $ 9.00
Pickled Asparagus Tips Spicy 1 L.   $16.00
Pickled Beans – Dill & Garlic 500 mL.   $ 9.00
Pickled Beans – Spicy Peppercorn 500 mL.   $ 9.00
Asparagus Bread and Butter pickles 500 mL.   $ 9.00
Pickled Beets – Cloves & Allspice 500 mL.   $ 7.50
Pickled Beets – Traditional 500 mL.   $ 7.50
Pickled Crisp Veggie Mix 500 mL.   $ 8.00
Pickled Sugar Snap Peas 500 mL.   $ 8.00
Red Root Beet Relish 250 mL   $ 6.00
Rhubarb Citrus Ginger marmalade 250 mL   $ 6.00
Rhubarb Jam 250 mL   $ 6.00
Rhubarb Relish 250 mL   $ 6.00
Spiced Crabapples 500 mL   $ 8.00

Try our gourmet asparagus relish; it is so very much more than a hotdog relish. It is great on a tuna, chicken or turkey sandwich, with cream cheese on a cracker, in a dollop of mayo for a dip, and pretty amazing on a spoon straight out of the jar.

Our gourmet asparagus relish was selected #4 out of 29 great eats and drinks in the summer in the city by Julie Van Rosendall who is on CBC radio and does a great food blog.


Taste the difference – our pies are hand made and the pastry is hand rolled just like how our grandmothers used to make them. Our crust is thin so you can taste the fruit, not just that heavy pastry taste and amazingly flaky, too. The ingredients are all natural, we never use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Our Take & Bake pies are so convenient and great to keep on hand for when company drops in. Simply keep in the freezer until you are needing a quick, simple easy dessert, then pop into the oven, preheated to 400°F. bake 1 hour or until nicely browned.  Be sure and tell your guests that you Baked a Pie. They will be so impressed.

Available at Calgary Farmers Market and at our farm in our Country Store in season or by appointment off season.

Fermented Vegetables

We preserve some of our vegetables the old fashion way fermenting them. The result is a product with lots and lots of natural probiotics and natural enzymes. A great natural aid for digestion.

Frozen Soups

For your convenience we make our own homemade frozen soups from our on farm grown vegetables. We have Asparagus, Green Pea, and Borscht soups available throughout the year to extend the season.

Frozen  Vegetables

During the picking season we vacuum pack and freeze a our delicious fresh picked Peas and Rhubarb to preserve the summers flavor.

Frozen Meat Pies, Gluten Free Shepard’s Pie and Frozen Lasagna

These are great tasting complete home cooked meals that are ready to cook and enjoy. Just pop in the oven, heat and serve.