May 11th

May 11, 2012 Edmonton Newsletter

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May 11, 2012 
Spring Asparagus News
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Asparagus FIeld News
Frost Last Night
Old Strathcona
Baby Pea Tendrils
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Asparagus Field NewsUnfortunately we have had cool weather all week so the asparagus field has not grown very much. we did have a small area on a hill that we were planning on picking today for you at Old Strathcona tomorrow, but:

Frost Last NightFrost on the asparagusThe temperature dipped down to -3 which was colder than forecast last night.

In the picture I am holding a spear that is not frozen and the three in the background look transparent – they are frozen.


This frost does not hurt the crown and it will be sending up many new tips just as soon as we get some warm weather and no frost.

Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market
Asparagus pickles
This Saturday, May 12, we will be at Old Strathcona Farmers Market with our asparagus pickles, asparagus relish, asparagus soup and asparagus cookbooks.  Please stop by for a visit and a taste of our wonderful asparagus relish.
We should have some fresh asparagus next week, weather permitting.


Baby Pea plants under row cover
Baby Pea Tendrils Under Row Cover
The big white blanket that is in  the picture is a cover we put on to protect from frost and encourage growth. I have lifted a corner of the row cover to show the pea tendrils. We hope to be harvesting them by early June. Pea tendrils are delicious in salads or stir frys.
We could not use row cover on the asparagus. It grows much too fast and the field is very, very large.

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Adopt a RoadWho we are:Edgar Farms is a 6th generation family farm in central Alberta. Back in 1986, inspiration to start diversifying into the locally-grown, consumer-direct market first came from tasting the intenseness of the flavor of asparagus grown in our family garden and the desire to market direct to consumers. No one else was growing asparagus in our weather-challenged climate so we gave it a try. We now harvest a 21 acre patch of asparagus every spring which, due to our unique cool Alberta spring nights and optimum soil conditions, has incredible sweetness and amazing flavor.
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